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Our outstanding faculty garner top awards, professorships and fellowships, all while conducting groundbreaking research and teaching approximately half of all students at UW-Madison.

47 American Academy of Arts & Sciences fellows
36 John Simon Guggenheim fellows
41 American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows
19 National Academy of Sciences members
9 of 12 campus Distinguished Teaching Awards in 2016
2 MacArthur Fellows
7 Honorary Knights

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In the New York Times Magazine: "Moon" by Timothy Yu

This poem - "Moon" by Timothy Yu - appears in “The Golden Shovel Anthology,” a collection that honors Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African-American poet to win the Pulitzer Prize. The anthology is a lovely tribute, as well as an excellent collection of new work by a wide range of many of our most exciting contemporary poets.

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In the Wisconsin State Journal: Picture of humanity's mysterious cousin grows clearer through UW prof's work

A multiyear effort coordinated by UW-Madison professor of anthropology John Hawks to painstakingly excavate thousands of fossils from a cave in South Africa has now assembled one of the most complete skeletons of a near-human creature ever found.

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In The Isthmus: Not Silent: Timothy Yu finds poetry for this political moment

UW-Madison poet and professor of English and Asian American Studies Timothy Yu uses poetry and parody to counter stereotypes and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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Our faculty seek to better understand the physical world, the way society is organized and what it means to be human. L&S faculty invite undergraduates to join them in the lab, the archives or the field, offering endless opportunities to make exciting discoveries.

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