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Our outstanding faculty garner top awards, professorships and fellowships, all while conducting groundbreaking research and teaching approximately half of all students at UW-Madison.

47 American Academy of Arts & Sciences fellows
36 John Simon Guggenheim fellows
41 American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows
19 National Academy of Sciences members
9 of 12 campus Distinguished Teaching Awards in 2016
2 MacArthur Fellows
7 Honorary Knights

Faculty in Focus

The Latest from our Faculty

The School of Social Work welcomes Pajarita Charles

Assistant professor Pajarita Charles' research focuses on supporting healthy child development among children of formerly incarcerated fathers.

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Sriram Boothalingam joins the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Assistant professor Sriram Boothalingam is eager to work among the leaders of hearing research at UW-Madison.

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In The Washington Post: Memo to the Google memo writer: Women were foundational to the field of computing

Assistant professor of history Marie Hicks contributed an editorial to The Washington Post in response to the recent internal memo from a Google software engineer that went viral on the Internet. She is the author of “Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing.”

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From the Dean

Our faculty seek to better understand the physical world, the way society is organized and what it means to be human. L&S faculty invite undergraduates to join them in the lab, the archives or the field, offering endless opportunities to make exciting discoveries.

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