Leaders in Learning

Our outstanding faculty garner top awards, professorships and fellowships, all while conducting groundbreaking research and teaching approximately half of all students at UW-Madison.

“It was an honor to serve in the federal government, and especially to be part of the Obama administration.”

Vert Blind Maria Cancian 268X266

“[They] are going to encourage all of us to think differently about new technologies and how they can solve significant societal problems.”

Vert Blind Suman Banerjee 268X266

"Jazz is almost always very collaborative. We’re always having a musical conversation.”

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“Ethics has always been the common thread throughout my career, whether I’m teaching it, whether I’m practicing it.”

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From the Dean

Our faculty seek to better understand the physical world, the way society is organized and what it means to be human. L&S faculty invite undergraduates to join them in the lab, the archives or the field, offering endless opportunities to make exciting discoveries.

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