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Exploring our Origins

The quest to understand our beginnings — of our universe, of life on Earth, of our species — inspires people all over the world. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researchers have forged partnerships with colleagues in South Africa and are uncovering answers and opening new scientific frontiers.

The stories of their work are presented in "Origins," a three-part multimedia narrative exploring the beginnings of the universe, life on earth and humankind.

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New Faculty Focus: Margaret Butler

The visiting associate professor brings to the Mead Witter School of Music expertise in European opera and American musical theater. 

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New Faculty Focus: Kim Joseph Ruhl

He joins the Department of Economics with a focus on how economic policy can change the world. 

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LOL Brian Stack is behind some of the funniest lines — and skits — on late-night TV.

As the chipper CEO of a charity called 1-877-CARS-4-SHARKS, writer and actor Brian Stack MA’88 speaks directly to viewers.

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‘Passing the Bass’ event honors musician, teacher, humanitarian Richard Davis

The life and ongoing legacy of bassist Richard Davis were celebrated Thursday at Madison’s Overture Center for the Arts. The humanitarian and emeritus professor of music was fêted with music and multimedia tributes during an evening filled with laughter and love.

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Pao Vue’s interest in animals and nature began at a young age, eventually leading him to UW–Madison. As his career goals evolved – taking shape in environmental science and conservation – they set Vue on a journey that has made him one of the first Hmong Americans to receive a PhD in his field. 

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New Faculty Focus: Andrew J. Boydston

He joins the Department of Chemistry, bringing a research group that works primarily on organic and polymer chemistry.

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Ready to talk

They’re politically savvy and well-versed in policy. But a group of political science students wants to do something practically unheard of in today’s partisan landscape: Listen to each other. 

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Transforming Research

The Trans Research Lab at UW–Madison is noteworthy for its specialized focus on health outcomes for transgender people. But for founder Stephanie Budge PhD’11, the lab is more than that: it’s an old promise made good.

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New Faculty Focus: Emily Juniper Ward

As part of the Department of Psychology, she leads the Visual Cognition Lab, which investigates the nature of human visual processing.

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