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“That’s what my liberal arts, well-rounded education helps with: understanding different kinds of people better.”

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“While academics are certainly important, you’re here for an education in life as well.”

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“I feel like I’m ready to be here on this campus. I feel like my contribution, big or small, is going to be here.”

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“One quote I believe is very true is, ‘College is about who you talk with.’”

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Ready to talk

They’re politically savvy and well-versed in policy. But a group of political science students wants to do something practically unheard of in today’s partisan landscape: Listen to each other. 

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Sparse Tree Regeneration After Forest Fire Near Yellowstone Photo Courtesy Brian Harvey

Yellowstone forests could be grasslands by mid-century

Yellowstone’s forests may now be at a tipping point, and could be replaced by grasslands by the time today's students are middle-aged. Professor Monica Turner studies forest regeneration after fire, and the future looks "pretty terrifying," she says.

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Remembering the Black Student Strike

A student-driven oral history project marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Student Strike on campus in February 1969. Memories were collected from more than two dozen people who witnessed, participated in or organized the event. The Strike led to the creation of the Afro-American Studies department.

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