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UW is academically challenging, diverse and big. There are so many opportunities and paths to succeed.

They wanted us to ask, what is the cool factor, what is the knowledge gap, how is this useful?

People here work so hard, not just for a grade but because they’re genuinely passionate about what they’re doing.

It opens up your mind when you can see and acknowledge the differences in everyone, and it helps you in the long run.

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Artificial Intelligence. Real Stereotypes.

For centuries, Asian women have been associated with demeaning and limiting stereotypes. Asian-featured robots are the newest twist in the longstanding cultural "fetishization and overt sexualization of Asian women," says English professor Leslie Bow, as well as an alarming example of "techno-orientalism," the mingling of stereotypes with fears and fantasies about a future ruled by machines.

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Strength in numbers

34 academic departments
62 undergraduate majors
106 graduate majors
33 undergraduate certificates
13 non-academic departments
5 professional schools
73 interdisciplinary research centers

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