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"Now that I’m here at Madison, every day validates that I made the right decision. Every day, I think, yes, I’m so glad I’m here."

"The biggest thing that CAE has provided me is a support system of reliable staff that can help me with job opportunities, internships, advising — almost anything.”

"Geography is the study of the world around us, and journalism is putting it into words and sharing it."

"A fascination for the unknown and a curiosity in the way the world works means that the liberal arts are as much a lifestyle as an academic study."

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Examining American girlhood through literature

Professor Brigitte Fielder’s comparative literature course, American Girls & American Girlhood, contrasts American Girl stories with 19th and 20th century books to explore definitions of “American” and “girl.” The course explores the stories of Kirstin, Addy, Kaya, Kit and others alongside literary texts written for both children and adults. It’s been a popular course each spring semester, attracting many students who grew up with the iconic series of dolls and books.

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