L&S is the heart of UW-Madison

A Letter from Dean Scholz

Dear Prospective Student:

You may already know that you want to come to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But you may not yet know what you want to study. I hope you’ll consider one or more of the 50 undergraduate majors offered in the College of Letters & Science, also known as “L&S.” 

From African Cultural Studies to Zoology, L&S majors offer endless opportunities for discovery.

L&S students come in full of questions. A common phrase is, “I love too many things!” That’s great. If you aren’t exactly sure, we will help you chart your path. If you want to make a difference, we have departments and faculty that will take you where you never dreamed you could go. Physical sciencesBiological sciencesMathematicsSociology and psychologyLiterature. History. Philosophy. That’s just a smattering of what you can study, and doesn’t begin to describe where you can go with your knowledge.

Your L&S courses will encourage you to think critically, cultivate an open mind, and effectively formulate and present arguments. Here in L&S, you will be a valued member in a bright, enthusiastic, and extremely dedicated student body. You will deepen your interests, advance your career goals, and make the world a better place. 

You are also going to have a tremendous amount of fun. 

Because this university was founded on a commitment to providing every student with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, you will take courses in the College of Letters & Science, even if you pursue majors in other fields. Our faculty and staff are top-notch teachers and world-renowned scholars who discover neutrinos at the South Pole, unearth 3-million-year-old hominin skeletons, dig into the ancient city of Troy, and much, much more. Our cutting-edge research enriches classroom teaching and vice versa. New ideas — even whole new fields of study — spring from partnerships across the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Every year, L&S undergraduates receive the some of the world’s highest scholarship honors, including the Rhodes and Truman awards. Through the L&S Honors Program, you may dive even deeper into your interests with smaller classes and undergraduate research experiences. And throughout your time here, the L&S Career Initiative will help you effectively, purposefully articulate your academic skills to potential employers, develop networks that lead to internships and job opportunities, and build connections with some of our more than 190,000 L&S alumni.

Our university is a remarkable place. But as talented as our faculty and staff are, we realize that you will play the largest role in your development into an engaged global citizen. 

You will find your passion. You will meet professors and advisers who will challenge you. You will study hard. You will sift and winnow. Then, you will change the world.

On, Wisconsin!