Baldwin grants awarded to 18 projects

Projects both large and small will help the university contribute knowledge and resources across the state, thanks to grants from the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment. This year, eight grants were awarded as well as 10 mini-grants encouraging innovation and experimentation in small-scale projects.

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Three L&S students win Dean’s Prizes

The College of Letters & Science is proud to announce that three L&S students have earned Dean’s Prizes, an honor awarded annually to outstanding scholars in the senior class.

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In Madison Magazine: What it's like to be Muslim in Madison, featuring L&S student Fatoumata Ceesay

Fatoumata Ceesay was born in the Bronx, New York, but she calls Madison her hometown. Now a UW–Madison sophomore studying journalism and sociology, Ceesay, whose family is originally from Gambia, is among the 23 percent of Muslim Americans who identify as black—an intersectionality Ceesay says is invaluable on campus, where she serves on the board of the Muslim Student Association. 

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With The Wisconsin State Journal: Fueling Discovery

"Fueling Discovery" is a joint effort of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science and the Wisconsin State Journal. This special section features essays from faculty members across the college about their groundbreaking research. 

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: A Campus Trip Through Time

Young-adult author Angie Stanton (BS’98, Journalism) dove deeply into University of Wisconsin history while researching her latest novel. Waking in Time, published in spring 2017 by children’s publisher Capstone, follows college freshman Abbi Thorp as she accidently starts traveling backward in time on the UW–Madison campus.

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In The Denver Post: In the age of Trump, lying gets another look

In less contentious times, arguments over the word “lie” generally involve its grammatical partner “lay.” But the election of Donald Trump, criticized during his campaign and in the early days of his presidency for statements often at odds with verifiable fact, has recast the discussion. Director of the Center for Journalism Ethics Kathleen Bartzen Culver contributes her expertise in The Denver Post.

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Using communication to prompt change

As a double-major in journalism and communication arts, Malik Anderson is discovering the power of creating and working to bring more diverse voices into media. From his three-year stint as an intern at Wisconsin Public Radio, to his work as co-founder of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s first chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), the Emma Bowen Scholar is inspired to produce work that effects social change.

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From One person, one algorithm, one vote: Campaigns are doing more with data, for better or worse

Young Mie Kim has a theory about voters. Each one is basically a collection of data points that determine how that person will vote. “In the data age, voters are defined based on an algorithm, based on a construction and reconstruction of data,” she said.

Two months after an election where political campaigns were blamed or credited for relying on voter data to an unprecedented degree, Kim, a professor and researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is studying how campaigns used that data in Wisconsin and across the country.

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The 15th edition of Curb Magazine is all about love in Wisconsin

Each year, 21 students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin–Madison participate in a unique capstone project: writing, designing, publishing and circulating an award-winning publication, Curb Magazine.

In September, as Curb staff members debated the philosophy behind this year’s issue, they finally came to a last-minute consensus: at a time of such division, why not talk about love? 

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