As computing moves to cloud, UW-Madison spinoff offers faster, cleaner chip for data centers

Whether you are tagging a photo in Facebook, asking Siri for directions to an eatery, or translating French into English, much of the action happens far from your phone or laptop, in a data center. These warehouses, each holding thousands of computers, are expanding quickly, and they already consume an estimated 2 percent of the national electricity supply.

Associate professor of computer sciences Karu Sankaralingam has formed a startup to advance a streamlined chip design that will run up to 10 times faster than those now inside data centers.

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With The Wisconsin State Journal: Fueling Discovery

"Fueling Discovery" is a joint effort of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science and the Wisconsin State Journal. This special section features essays from faculty members across the college about their groundbreaking research. 

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In The Wisconsin State Journal: 3 UW students win prestigious Goldwater scholarship

Three UW-Madison students have been named winners of the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship, for their undergraduate work in the sciences. Cory Cotter, Emily Jewell and Lucas Oxtoby were winners of the scholarship, while Elizabeth Penn was selected as an honorable mention.

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Students invent ‘Journalit’ app to keep track of life

UW-Madison student Colin Harris, a senior in computer science, has written code since freshman year and had five software engineering internships. So when he got an idea for a journaling app he called “Journalit,” he had the skills to make it happen, with the help of computer science junior Shane Lian.

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Internet Atlas maps the physical internet to enhance security

Despite the internet-dependent nature of our world, a thorough understanding of the internet’s physical makeup has only recently emerged, thanks to painstaking work by University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers and their collaborators. Professor of Computer Sciences Paul Barford, Ph.D. candidate Ramakrishnan (Ram) Durairajan and colleagues have developed Internet Atlas, the first detailed map of the internet’s structure worldwide.

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Three UW-Madison students win prestigious Goldwater Scholarships

Three University of Wisconsin–Madison students will receive the esteemed Barry Goldwater Scholarship for undergraduate excellence in the sciences. The honor is considered the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering in America.

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L&S faculty members receive nine of twelve Distinguished Teaching Awards

Twelve faculty members have been chosen to receive this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards, an honor given out since 1953 to recognize the university’s finest educators. Nine of those faculty members teach in the College of Letters & Science. 

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In The New York Times: The Women of ‘Star Wars’

L&S alumna Rachel Rose has spent the last decade as an engineer at Industrial Light and Magic, the special-effects studio founded by George Lucas. She holds a doctorate in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison. 

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UW offering computer user experience design certificate

The University of Wisconsin–Madison will launch the User Experience Design Capstone Certificate — or “Mad UX” — in fall 2017. Given the value of improving interactions between humans and computers in a digitized world, user experience design practitioners are increasingly in demand in business, nonprofit, educational and government organizations. 

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