Finding language links

For Lauren Lustek, who graduates this month, the chance to explore her passions led to majoring in both Spanish and Communication Sciences and Disorders.

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A turning point: Six stories from the 1967 Dow Chemical protests at UW-Madison

On Oct. 18, 1967, a sit-in against the Dow Chemical Company erupted into violence as Madison police officers in riot gear forcibly removed antiwar demonstrators from the Commerce Building, now known as Ingraham Hall. Thousands became caught up in the ensuing melee, some as active participants, others as spectators and bystanders.

Fifty years later, UW-Madison asked six alumni to reflect on how the Dow protests altered their lives. 

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Sriram Boothalingam joins the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Assistant professor Sriram Boothalingam is eager to work among the leaders of hearing research at UW-Madison.

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Exploring summer courses: American Sign Language

There’s plenty of interaction, but absolutely no talking in one class at UW-Madison this summer, as this group of students take Communication Sciences & Disorders course 424: Sign Language I. We hear why these students feel attending college during this time of year in Madison is such a great choice. More than fourteen thousand people are expected to attend classes this summer, during what many used to consider a quiet time at the university.

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Machine learning can detect a genetic disorder from speech recordings

How much information can we extract from a five-minute recording of someone talking? Enough to tell whether that individual may be genetically predisposed to some health complications, according to researchers at UW-Madison. 

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Horsepower vs hearing: UW-Madison audiology takes on rural noise

While many people think of the country as quiet, hearing loss is a major problem for farmers and others who live, work, and recreate in rural areas.That's why Melanie Buhr-Lawler, a clinical associate professor of audiology in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, decided to address an under-the-radar problem: rural noise.

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