Study suggests buried internet infrastructure at risk as sea levels rise

Thousands of miles of buried fiber optic cable in densely populated coastal regions of the United States may soon be inundated by rising seas, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Oregon.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: From Wisconsin, with humor

Charlie Berens (BA'09 Journalism & Mass Communication, Geography) leans into his Badger State roots — and accent — to deliver the Manitowoc Minute, a comedic take on the news.

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Humanities for All highlights Great World Texts

Great World Texts in Wisconsin is a yearlong program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for the Humanities that brings contemporary and historical literature from around the world to life in Wisconsin high schools.

“Great works of literature are for everybody and we believe, I believe, and the program demonstrates, that that diversity is precisely what literature is good for,” Center director Sara Guyer tells Humanities for All, part of the National Humanities Alliance. 

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Solving the mystery of cosmic rays

Since cosmic rays were discovered in 1912, scientists have sought the origins of these mysterious particles. In September 2017, a flash of blue light in the ice deep beneath the South Pole set researchers on a path to resolving this century-old riddle.

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In Madison Magazine: New music center launches seat-naming campaign

As a way for individuals to be a part of the new Hamel Music Center, the University of Wisconsin–Madison is kicking off a new seat-naming campaign.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Madison, revisited

Been awhile since you've visited the UW's hometown? Consider an itinerary made up of beautiful views, a raft of restaurants (including a food cart owned by 2008 zoology alumna Melanie Nelson), and a less-traveled path on campus.

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CS alum Brent Seales makes seeing the unseeable possible in charred Herculaneum scrolls

UW alum Brent Seales, Director of the Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments at the University of Kentucky, is featured in the article "Buried by the Ash of Vesuvius, These Scrolls Are Being Read for the First Time in Millennia" on "I'm continuing to work toward access to materials, as well as technical methods that will allow me to read the Herculaneum scrolls, which I consider to be a fantastic 'grand challenge' problem," says Seales.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: The pregnancy puzzle

After a UW scientist and his wife lost two pregnancies, he sought answers. Why are these losses so common, and do other living things face the same struggle his family did?

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Kraut King

Ryan Downs ’02 is a man of tradition. He attended the UW because his grandparents, father, and siblings did before him. He makes the trek from Appleton, Wisconsin, each Game Day with his three young daughters because that’s what his father did when he was young. And he’s the owner of GLK Foods — a company that’s been in his family since 1900.

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