Training compassion ‘muscle’ may boost brain’s resilience to others’ suffering

A new study suggests that compassion meditation training may reduce the distress a person feels when witnessing another’s suffering. It may also improve their ability and likelihood to respond with compassion.

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Richard Davidson quoted in the New York Times: Why you should stop being so hard on yourself

Quoted: “Self-criticism can take a toll on our minds and bodies,” said Dr. Richard Davidson, founder and director of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also teaches psychology and psychiatry.

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In WPR: Changing the narrative about being black and hooded

The #Blackandhooded hashtag, which has since gained traction across the world and spurred offshoots including a website and scholarship fund, was created last year by University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni Anthony Wright and Brian Allen.

"That negative connotation that's associated with being black and in the hood is kind of what sparked our interest to change the negative narrative into a positive one," said Wright, 

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Psychologist Michael Caldwell quoted in The Atlantic: The futility of trying to prevent more school shootings in America

Quoted: He may have an explosive temper; he may even have access to guns. “But if he hasn’t come right out and said, ‘I’m going to kill someone tomorrow,’ or ‘I’m going to kill myself,’ you’re not going to be able to involuntarily hospitalize him,” says Michael Caldwell, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin who works with dangerous young men at a juvenile treatment center in Madison.

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In Isthmus: Guardians of the art

New Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) curators Leah Kolb (BA'07 History, MA'11 Library & Information Studies) and Mel Becker Solomon (BA'03, Sociology and Psychology, MA'11, Library & Information Studies) are tasked with selecting and protecting Madison’s visual treasures

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The Ben Sidran collection is home to stay in Madison

As a long-time Madisonian and UW Distinguished alumnus, it’s quite fitting that Ben Sidran’s archives remain in Madison. Sidran’s expansive career has taken him from Racine, WI, where he enjoyed playing boogie woogie piano as a little boy, to sharing his talents with the world, and gaining widespread acclaim in Europe and Japan, in particular.

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Barry Burden quoted in The New York Times: Don Blankenship announces third-party bid for West Virginia senate seat

Quoted: “It looks to me like West Virginia intended for there to be a ban on sore losers, including in legislation this year. It looks like they were intended to stop someone like Blankenship,” said Barry C. Burden, the director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “However, the law is not written perfectly.”

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In Madison 365: “DreamUp Wisconsin” initiative looks to bolster middle class

From May until July of this year, the UW Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) will conduct a series of community meetings, forums and other means of engaging everyday people as part of an initiative called the Alliance for the American Dream, funded with a $1.5 million grant from Schmidt Futures. 

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Three students earn Dean’s Prizes

The College of Letters & Science proudly announces the recipients of Dean’s Prizes, awarded annually to the most outstanding undergraduate scholars in the senior class.

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