In Wisconsin Public Radio: Hate Groups Increase In US, Wisconsin

Southern Poverty Law Center Reports More Than 900 Hate Groups In US

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study from the Southern Poverty Law Center shows the number of hate groups in the nation increased for the second straight year to 917 in 2016. There were 892 hate groups in 2015. Of the new groups, nine were in Wisconsin, compared to eight in 2015.

The majority of the hate groups in the state were listed as neo-Nazi, white nationalist, black separatist and anti-LGBT.

Pamela Oliver, a University of Wisconsin-Madison sociology professor, said divisive political speech has a trickle-down effect, and the 2016 presidential campaign could have contributed to the uptick.

"Most of the research tends to say that you get more attacks on immigrants or attacks on minorities when political leaders are making anti minority or anti-immigrant statements," Oliver said.

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