In Vox: David Bordwell on streaming's impact on classic films

​The film scholar is asked to weigh in on how Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are changing the way we access classic movies.

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Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart star in Casablanca, one of the greatest movies ever made — and one you can’t pull up on streaming very easily.

From Vox: 

David Bordwell, one of America’s foremost film scholars, has been thinking back on something the famous film critic Rogert Ebert said to him a few years before Ebert died in 2013.

“Roger always used to like to say, ‘When we were coming up [professionally], Casablanca was a much newer movie than Godfather is now,” Bordwell tells me ... 

But the reason I’m talking to Bordwell at all is that, as we exit the age of physical media and enter the age of viewing on-demand, I’ve noticed something troubling: Classic films are being left behind.

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