In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Jack Williams is sticking with the University of Wisconsin

The geography professor and director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research explains his reasons for staying at UW-Madison, citing the university's mission of public higher education and a calling to serve​.

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From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Can the University of Wisconsin-Madison continue to be one of our country’s great universities?

This isn’t an abstract question for me. I’ve taught and conducted research at UW-Madison since 2004, and earlier this year, I was offered a job at a private university. Nor am I alone. Other schools have sought to poach Wisconsin’s talent, and outside job offers to faculty have more than doubled.

In the wake of a $250 million state budget cut and weakened protections for intellectual freedom, I’ve thought carefully about my family, my career, the University of Wisconsin, and whether I still felt a calling to serve Wisconsin and The Wisconsin Idea. It hasn’t been easy. It’s difficult to express my pride in being a part of the University of Wisconsin.

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