Geography Ph.D. student Chelsea Nestel in CNN: The future of maps: Cartography in the 21st century

Today, satellites and digital mapping tools have turned modern cartography -- the science and art of map-making -- into a technology-driven field. With accuracy all but guaranteed, new ways of visualizing space have emerged in the process. They mix art, experience and topography, approaching the physical world through the lens of time, perspective and storytelling.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Beata Nelson

Psychology major Beata Nelson began her swimming journey where any kid who loves the water might: at the neighborhood pool. Time spent there playing with friends quickly grew into swimming on club teams, competing for her high school, and committing to Wisconsin. And once a Badger, she found that her teammates offered the strongest support system she’d ever experienced.

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Just the facts

When Gerald Porter, Jr., enrolled in a journalism fact-checking class, he was apprehensive about wading into politics. How could he distill accuracy among all the claims, attacks and spin? Would there even be verifiable truths to be found? And in this era of political polarization, would anyone actually care about facts?

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Vacant, but not empty: Geography graduate student explores the use of abandoned properties

Vacant properties are often seen as remnants of the housing crisis or vestiges of industries that are no longer as present as they once were in U.S. cities. But graduate student Elsa Noterman sees more in these vacant properties, including current uses and important histories.

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Three students earn Dean’s Prizes

The College of Letters & Science proudly announces the recipients of Dean’s Prizes, awarded annually to the most outstanding undergraduate scholars in the senior class.

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L&S student named Newman Civic Fellow, recognized for high school outreach program

Anthropology and political science major Wendy Hoang was honored into the Newman Civic Fellowship cohort and was recognized for her leadership of a high school outreach program. 

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The liberal arts form the foundation for the future

You can’t change the world unless you understand it, explain this year’s winners of the L&S essay contest. Winner Emily Klode, who will graduate in December, shares a discovery about the power of words to help those in need. 

Runner-up freshman Owen Bacskai forges connections between communication and the world around us, and honorable mention Annalise Panthofer, a senior who graduates this May, illuminates how a well-rounded education best prepares doctors of the future.

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After #BlackandHooded goes viral, UW–Madison alums unexpectedly find themselves leading a movement

Two UW–Madison graduates created a #BlackandHooded website, which displays photos and connects prospective and current black graduate students with black professionals who’ve earned advanced degrees. The idea has taken off.

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Students help capture campus protest voices from 50 years ago through public history project

UW–Madison students who helped collect and process audio interviews about the 1967 Dow protests on campus say they learned some valuable lessons from the accounts.

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