Computer sciences career fair connects students with local tech scene

This year's event is the biggest yet, and reflects the desirability of UW-Madison graduates for employers and the burgeoning job market for local IT workers.

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Journey to amazing hominin discovery started on Facebook

Anthropology graduate student Alia Gurtov played a lead role in discovering and retrieving the largest, most complete store of hominin fossils in a South African cave.

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UW-Madison, Kazakh students connect through new program

WisKaz gave students the opportunity to practice their foreign language skills and learn about each other's cultures.

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L&S departments join project to transform large lecture courses

The chemistry, mathematics and psychology were the first departments on campus to commit to join REACH, which will enhance the undergraduate experience.

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Singer joins L&S as interim associate dean of SAA

Wren Singer, currently the director of undergraduate advising in the Office of the Provost, will start her new post Sept. 1.

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Biophysics doctoral candidate wins Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship

Sterling Martin is a doctoral candidate in the lab of zoology Professor Jeff Hardin.

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