Exploring our Origins

The quest to understand our beginnings — of our universe, of life on Earth, of our species — inspires people all over the world. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, researchers have forged partnerships with colleagues in South Africa and are uncovering answers and opening new scientific frontiers.

The stories of their work are presented in "Origins," a three-part multimedia narrative exploring the beginnings of the universe, life on earth and humankind.

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Study shows undocumented immigration doesn’t increase violent crime

The impact of undocumented immigration — especially on public safety — remains a contentious topic of discussion in the United States, but "the conversations are occurring in a vacuum of data,” says researcher Michael Light.

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UW student with political ambitions receives prestigious Truman Scholarship

UW-Madison senior Jordan Madden will be able to build upon his mission of helping others as the recipient of a 2018 Truman Scholarship.

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Young Mie Kim in Wired Magazine: How Russian Facebook ads divided and targeted U.S. voters before the 2016 election

When Young Mie Kim began studying political ads on Facebook in August of 2016 — while Hillary Clinton was still leading the polls — few people had ever heard of the Russian propaganda group, Internet Research Agency. Not even Facebook itself understood how the group was manipulating the platform’s users to influence the election. For Kim, a professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the goal was to document the way the usual dark money groups target divisive election ads online, the kind that would be more strictly regulated if they appeared on TV. She never knew then she was walking into a crime scene.

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Menzie Chin in Quartz: A Reagan-era economic trend is making a worrisome comeback

“If the rest of the world says, ‘We don’t want to finance your current account deficit and budget deficit,’ then something has to give,” Menzie Chin says. A weaker dollar would likely help narrow the trade deficit, though its effects wouldn’t show up for a couple of years. However, it’s unlikely to weaken much given that the US is outperforming most other economies, as well as the US’s safe-haven status and the fact that the dollar is the predominant world reserve currency.

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EatStreet prospers eight years after idea was cooked up by UW-Madison students

EatStreet, a Madison tech startup that enables online delivery orders at more than 15,000 restaurants in 250-plus cities nationwide, continues to build on an offer that a restaurant can’t refuse.

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Kathleen Culver quoted in GolfWorld: When Patrick Reed's past and present merge, a question of what's fair game

Quoted: “Our history follows us more publicly than it used to,” said Kathleen Bartzen Culver, director of the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Culver noted that maybe two decades ago if Reed’s final round had been marred by a scoring discrepancy or lost-ball kerfuffle, the stories of his past might have surfaced briefly and merely as footnotes. But today those stories face boldly forward in the midst of an essentially flawless performance.

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David Canon on WKOW 27 on Paul Ryan's retirement

What does Paul Ryan's retirement mean for Wisconsin's 1st Congressional district and future control of the House? David Canon weighs in on WKOW 27.

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David Canon on WPR: Speaker Ryan says he's not running for re-election: What's next for Congress?

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election at the end of his term saying he wants to spend more time with family. WPR talks with Capitol Reporter Laurel White for reactions from the speaker’s district, then turn to a political scientist look at the effects on Congress, Wisconsin and on Ryan’s future.

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