In On Wisconsin Magazine: Dream maker

At Industrial Light & Magic, Rachel Rose (MS'03, PhD'07, Computer Sciences) leads a virtual-production team that brings the Star Wars universe yo the big screen.

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‘Science in Motion’ takes chemistry on the road across Wisconsin

Disappearing packing peanuts, floating mugs, color-changing solutions and skewered balloons captivated a room full of elementary students and their teachers in the style of a magic show.

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Heavier rains and manure mean more algae blooms

On June 6, 2018, the Center for Limnology reported that a toxic algae bloom had begun to spread across Lake Mendota. It quickly led to the closure of beaches around Madison’s largest lake.

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Thank the moon for Earth’s lengthening day

A new study that reconstructs the deep history of our planet’s relationship to the moon shows that 1.4 billion years ago, a day on Earth lasted just over 18 hours.

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American Family, UW-Madison team up in data science

"Big data" and "analytics" have overturned fields ranging from astrophysics to online retail. Now, American Family Insurance, a major multi-line insurer with 4,800 employees in Wisconsin, has entered a formal research collaborative with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to apply big data analytics to the company's datastream. 

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Three math professors awarded Simons Foundation Fellowships

Three professors in the Department of Mathematics have been named recipients of Simons Foundation Fellowships. Dima Arinkin, Jordan Ellenberg and Sebastien Roch are among 40 outstanding mathematicians awarded fellowships, along with 12 theoretical physicists.

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Ultralight science: Boundary layer measurements from low-flying source

A professor is using an ultralight aircraft to conduct a research project aimed at better understanding the Earth’s atmosphere. Instruments strapped to the wings and the cockpit of the aircraft collect atmospheric data while it is airborne.

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L&S faculty share stories of their research in Fueling Discovery

"Fueling Discovery" is a joint effort of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science and the Wisconsin State Journal featuring faculty members wiring about their work in their own words. The effort was financed through sponsorships and gifts from alumni and friends. 

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The liberal arts form the foundation for the future

You can’t change the world unless you understand it, explain this year’s winners of the L&S essay contest. Winner Emily Klode, who will graduate in December, shares a discovery about the power of words to help those in need. 

Runner-up freshman Owen Bacskai forges connections between communication and the world around us, and honorable mention Annalise Panthofer, a senior who graduates this May, illuminates how a well-rounded education best prepares doctors of the future.

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