Barry Burden in Isthmus: Is Soglin’s quiet run for governor crazy enough to work?

If Madison’s septuagenarian mayor wins the primary, Burden expects Walker will make Soglin’s long career an issue. “Walker will say that Soglin represents the past, the hippie Madison of the 1960s. And that [Walker] represents the future of Wisconsin,” Burden says. “On the other hand, Soglin has a number of things he can crow about. Madison and Dane County are the real job engines for the state.”

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Tim Smeeding quoted in Vox: Scott Walker is giving Wisconsin families $100 per kid. Democrats should learn from that

Quoted: What’s more, there are some barriers to poor families getting the money, like the requirement that recipients of the funds have bank accounts for direct deposits. After looking over the procedure for filing for the refund, Tim Smeeding, an economist and poverty expert at the University of Wisconsin Madison, commented, “I am sure poor people won’t follow all of this and won’t get the money.”

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Jessica L.P. Weeks in the Washington Post: The U.S.-North Korea summit could be Trump’s ‘Nixon-to-China’ moment

After the release of three U.S. prisoners Wednesday in North Korea, President Trump tweeted that the “Date & Place” for his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was “set.”The recent thaw in U.S.-North Korean relations has taken many foreign policy analysts by surprise.

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In The Washington Post: Is Russia interfering in Guatemala’s anti-corruption commission? The real story might surprise you

On April 27, the U.S. Congress’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the U.S. Helsinki Commission, held a hearing about alleged Kremlin pressures on the United Nations Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a hybrid legal body that investigates and tries high-level corruption cases. 

Rachel A. Schwartz is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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Erika Marín-Spiotta in Nature: Harassment should count as scientific misconduct

When I talk to senior scientists, many view harassment as an injustice that happens somewhere else, not in their field or at their institution. But data suggest that the problem is ubiquitous. In separate surveys of tens of thousands of university students across Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, upwards of 40% of respondents say that they have experienced sexual harassment.

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Barry Burden in Vox: Why it takes so long to get election night results

The system can seem somewhat precarious and insecure, but Burden said this is just for the initial tally — the actual paper ballots and records will be delivered securely to the county seat or state election officials after election night. “It might seem like a crazy system that a couple poll workers are driving across the county at 10 pm with a flash drive in the glove compartment,” Burden said. “But you have to remember, in most states, there’s a paper record sitting back at the polling place.”

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In the Cap Times: UW-Madison alums start a movement with #BlackandHooded pride

It’s graduation season, and UW-Madison alums Anthony Wright and Brian Allen are promoting #BlackandHooded to black recipients of advanced degrees, inviting them to share photos celebrating their accomplishments.

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In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin alums use #BlackandHooded to recognize African-Americans earning advanced degrees

Using social media, two University of Wisconsin-Madison alums have created a movement among African-American students in higher education that has two goals: one academic, the other political.

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Lewis Friedland quoted in Politico: Fox, Sinclair vie for executive with ties to Hannity

Quoted: “If they’re interested potentially in Hannity and they’re interested in Pirro…that gives us some clue of what’s going to be on the Sinclair cable network,” said Lewis Friedland, who directs the Center for Communication and Democracy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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