Lewis Friedland in The Chicago Tribune: Sinclair Broadcast Group solicits its news directors for its political fundraising efforts

Given that tradition, Sinclair’s policy "violates every standard of conduct that has existed in newsrooms for the past 40 or 50 years," said Lewis Friedland, a journalism professor at the University of Wisconsin and a former TV news producer. "I’ve never seen anything like this. They certainly have the right to do it, but it’s blatantly unethical."

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On Astronomy.com: New NASA instruments aim to answer atmospheric unknowns

The PREFIRE team consists of experts in Earth system modeling, Arctic ice, and remote sensing, and is led by Tristan L’Ecuyer of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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L&S alumni and students named to Madison365's 2017 Black Power List

Honorees include Toya Washington (B.A.'97, Journalism and Gender & Women's Studies), Keetra Burnette (B.A.'04, Journalism), Victor Barnett (B.A.'82, Communication Arts), Sagashus T. Levingston (Ph.D. candidate in English), and Vanessa McDowell (B.A.'03, Sociology). 

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In The Isthmus: Melting away: According to Science, we're losing something magical

When the lakes are frozen, Madison is a winter wonderland. But reliable ice and deep snow are becoming the anomaly. We’re losing something magical.

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In Science Magazine: Part spider, part scorpion creature captured in amber

This week, two independent teams describe four 100-million-year-old specimens encased in amber that look like a cross between a spider and a scorpion. The discovery, “could help close major gaps in our understanding of spider evolution,” says Prashant Sharma, an evolutionary developmental biologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison who was not involved in the work.

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Tejumola Olaniyan in The Guardian: Does Blank Panther solve Hollywood's Africa problem?

Cinema has long reduced Africa to a faraway land filled with wild animals, wars, poverty and AIDS – but perhaps this new Afrocentric epic will put an end to the cliches

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Melanie Matchett Wood named one of the top women in STEM by The Best Schools

Congratulations to math professor Melanie Matchett Wood, named one of the top 50 women in STEM by thebestschools.org.

Wood’s research interests lie at the interface between number theory and algebraic geometry, and also include such related fields as probability, additive combinatorics, random groups, and algebraic topology. 

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Holly Gibbs in Mongabay: Zero-deforestation pledges need help, support to meet targets, new study finds

“These companies stand poised to break the link between commodity production and deforestation,” co-author and environmental scientist Holly Gibbs of the University of Wisconsin-Madison said in a statement. “To do that, more immediate action is needed to demonstrate commitment to change and to clear the haze surrounding these efforts.”

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John Hawks in The Verge: Discovery of ancient stone tools rewrites the history of technology in India

A new discovery of stone tools from about 385,000 years ago has anthropologists rethinking the history of technology. The stone tools, found at a site in southern India, were sophisticated blades chipped from chunks of quartz, which is a technique that experts previously thought came to India only about 125,000 years ago.

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