A literary storm is brewing across Wisconsin

The Great World Texts program has nearly 2,000 high school students across the state reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and will bring many of them together for a celebration of literature on April 3.

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Women in the math department find strength in numbers

More female mathematicians teach, mentor and conduct research at UW-Madison than at any other time in the department's history. They’re not only helping to change the face of math here and now, but making it easier for the next generations of women to pursue the path. 

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Chemistry as a catalyst for examining art

Victoria Cooley came to UW-Madison with an interest in chemistry. She’ll leave this spring with a unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences that she will use to pursue a future as an art conservation scientist.

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Digitizing the middle ages

A project linking medieval maps showcases the power and potential of a digital platform that English professor Martin Foys has spent years developing — and is now creating a home for here at UW-Madison.

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Investing in Students

Inspired by their sons’ experiences at UW-Madison, the Konner family supports the L&S Career Initiative in launching other students on paths to success.

Kevah and Michele Konner witnessed their sons’ journeys on many visits to Madison over the years. Inspired by what they were seeing, they wanted to give back to the university to help other students thrive. When they learned about the College of Letters & Science Career Initiative, they were moved by its practical yet powerful mission in teaching students to leverage their liberal arts educations into successful careers.

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From Mad Town to 'Mad Men'

Mad MenBreaking Bad and The Walking Dead have drawn us into their unique worlds because of their incredible storytelling and vivid sense of place. And these hit AMC shows have all become part of popular culture thanks to L&S alum Josh Sapan, who has helmed the network for the past two decades.

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Becoming a thinker: Undergraduates discover excitement of research

The Undergraduate Research Scholars program connects first- and second-year students with research opportunities and thought-provoking discussions that put their research into a broader context. The program, which started in the late 1990s, allows students earn credit while gaining research experience and interacting with faculty, and it connects them with fellow participants and peer mentors in weekly group meetings.

Right now, URS students are working on the Ice Cube project, analyzing literature from a 20th-century African American playwright and researching bilingual Spanish students, among other fascinating pursuits.

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Magnetic brain stimulation can bring back stowed memories

Psychology Professor Brad Postle’s lab is challenging the idea that working memory remembers things through sustained brain activity. They caught brains tucking less-important information away somewhere beyond the reach of the tools that typically monitor brain activity — and then they snapped that information back into active attention with magnets.

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Regeneration sensation

Phil Newmark is a developmental biologist who uses freshwater flatworms to study the mysteries of how the body regenerates damaged tissue.

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