From Chancellor Blank: Career center prepares students for jobs

UW-Madison is serious about its mission of preparing students for the workforce. In January, a new Career Exploration Center opened that will help students make decisions about their majors and career paths.

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Investing in Students

Inspired by their sons’ experiences at UW-Madison, the Konner family supports the L&S Career Initiative in launching other students on paths to success.

Kevah and Michele Konner witnessed their sons’ journeys on many visits to Madison over the years. Inspired by what they were seeing, they wanted to give back to the university to help other students thrive. When they learned about the College of Letters & Science Career Initiative, they were moved by its practical yet powerful mission in teaching students to leverage their liberal arts educations into successful careers.

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L&S 2016 Year in Review

The College of Letters & Science enjoyed a fantastic year, from research breakthroughs in every discipline, to breaking ground for a new music center that will transform campus and redefine what it means to pursue a musical education at UW-Madison. 

We've compiled a few of the stories from a year defined by great achievements and great generosity.

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An innovative class connects college and careers

Taking Initiative, or Inter-LS 210, guides students through self-reflection and goal setting and teaches practical job skills as well as how to parlay the knowledge and abilities they’re gaining in their liberal arts courses into future pursuits. Learn about L&S students' experiences as they explore possibilities for their lives after graduation. 

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Getting schooled on career prep

L&S student Tyler Ballweg shares insights from Inter-LS 210: a course that prepares students for life after graduation.

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Career prep course helps student discover a new path

Jon Yoon signed up for Inter-LS 210: Taking Initiative during a time of stress and confusion, which, for him, turned out to be the best time to take the career-development course, a cornerstone of the L&S Career Initiative.

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6 keys to success from Steve Pogorzelski

The former president of is a generous and committed mentor to L&S students enrolled in the Taking Initiative career course. Here are his words of wisdom for forging a successful path after graduation.

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In the Capital Times: Rebekah Paré helps students focus on a career path early on

The executive director of the L&S Career Initiative explains the groundbreaking program.

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Surveys show L&S alumni flourishing after graduation

New data from two comprehensive surveys show nearly 90 percent of respondents are employed full-time, attending graduate school or both.

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