Melanie Matchett Wood named one of the top women in STEM by The Best Schools

Congratulations to math professor Melanie Matchett Wood, named one of the top 50 women in STEM by

Wood’s research interests lie at the interface between number theory and algebraic geometry, and also include such related fields as probability, additive combinatorics, random groups, and algebraic topology. 

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Family tree traces the history of UW’s chemistry department

The current chemistry faculty is linked to the founders of modern chemistry in a 200+ year-old "chemical genealogy" laid out in three posters in the Chemistry Building.

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Victor Goldgel Carballo named a Burkhardt Fellow

Victor Goldgel Carballo, an associate professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, has received a Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship for Recently Tenured Scholars. The fellowship will allow him to complete a book examining race in Cuba, other Latin American countries and the United States.

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Theo Rekatsinas joins database faculty, employs data for major societal impact

“All of the breakthroughs that look like science fiction to us—artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, automated assistants, natural language recognition—are powered by data,” says assistant professor Theo Rekatsinas, who joined the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in fall 2017.

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Professor Sue Robinson in Madison Magazine: Staying in the room

The idea that journalists should stay in a room where people are demanding participation cuts at the heart of traditional notions of objectivity. A generation of newsroom protocol mandates that reporters remain free of conflicts of interest: Don’t cover issues you are involved in. Don’t put political signs in your yard. Don’t participate in rallies. Keep yourself out of the story. 

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Maria Cancian named the 2018 Galbraith Fellow

The American Academy of Political and Social Science this week named Maria Cancian its 2018 John Kenneth Galbraith Fellow. Cancian, a professor in the La Follette School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Work, as well as a faculty affiliate and former director of the Institute for Research on Poverty, is one of five scholars from across the country invited this year to join the AAPSS in recognition of their contributions to advancement of the social sciences.

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Alfred McCoy in The Guardian: How the heroin trade explains the US-UK failure in Afghanistan

After 16 years and $1 trillion spent, there is no end to the fighting – but western intervention has resulted in Afghanistan becoming the world’s first true narco-state.

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Professor Katy Culver on WPR: What Logan Paul says about internet culture

YouTube star Logan Paul has been weathering a barrage of controversy following his video depicting an alleged suicide victim in Aokigahara, a forest in Japan. The video, coupled with others posted on his YouTube channel--highlights a growing concern over what is being produced on social media platforms. Wisconsin Public Radio speaks with Kathleen Culver, assistant professor and Director of UW-Madison’s Center for Journalism Ethics, about the news and what these videos say about internet culture. 

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Professor Jonathan Martin in the Washington Post: How climate change could counterintuitively feed winter storms

While the world is certainly experiencing an overall warming trend, much more goes into winter than temperature alone — snowfall depends on moisture in the atmosphere, and under climate change, that is increasing. And snowy weather patterns depend on the large-scale flow of the atmosphere, which is changing, too.

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