Sisters share appreciation for a long-running program of support in L&S

Clementine Uwabera’s experience at UW was shaped by her participation in the Academic Advancement Program. Just a few years later, her sister Ada Umubera had a similar journey through the program’s new iteration, the Center for Academic Excellence. 

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James Baugh led change by example

An early director of a program to increase diversity on campus reflects on his work in the 1960s and ’70s.

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Sociology student honored for her social justice work

A Multicultural Student Center award is just one accomplishment of this emerging leader.

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History sheds light on racial injustice

A community course co-taught by a history professor and a UW alum unpacks the roots of racism. 

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True to himself: Micaiah Faraj looks back

The path was not always easy, but this creative writing major discovered resilience.

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Student activist Deshawn McKinney receives prestigious Truman Scholarship

The creative writing student, artist and activist was awarded the scholarship that seeks to select and support the next generation of public service leaders.

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