In Isthmus: Guardians of the art

New Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) curators Leah Kolb (BA'07 History, MA'11 Library & Information Studies) and Mel Becker Solomon (BA'03, Sociology and Psychology, MA'11, Library & Information Studies) are tasked with selecting and protecting Madison’s visual treasures

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In Isthmus: Ben and Judy Sidran say the Madison Reunion is as much about the future as the past

The Madison Reunion — a countercultural Chautauqua that includes former UW-Madison teachers and students — begins June 14. Isthmus talks to Ben and Judy Sidran, the couple that helped pull it all together.

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L&S faculty share stories of their research in Fueling Discovery

"Fueling Discovery" is a joint effort of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science and the Wisconsin State Journal featuring faculty members wiring about their work in their own words. The effort was financed through sponsorships and gifts from alumni and friends. 

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The liberal arts form the foundation for the future

You can’t change the world unless you understand it, explain this year’s winners of the L&S essay contest. Winner Emily Klode, who will graduate in December, shares a discovery about the power of words to help those in need. 

Runner-up freshman Owen Bacskai forges connections between communication and the world around us, and honorable mention Annalise Panthofer, a senior who graduates this May, illuminates how a well-rounded education best prepares doctors of the future.

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After #BlackandHooded goes viral, UW–Madison alums unexpectedly find themselves leading a movement

Two UW–Madison graduates created a #BlackandHooded website, which displays photos and connects prospective and current black graduate students with black professionals who’ve earned advanced degrees. The idea has taken off.

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In Fueling Discovery: Understanding today’s America by eavesdropping on the past

Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen from the Department of History writes about her research, which seeks to understand American intellectual history. 

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In the Cap Times: With 'cult narrative' on the rise, professor argues for nuanced look at religious movements

The talk — “The Cult Narrative and the Branch Davidians" — was a product of a joint effort between the university's Religious Studies Program and School of Journalism and Mass Communication to help journalists better cover religious subjects. It’s the product of a two-year grant given to Susan Ridgely and Michael Wagner, associate professors.

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Students help capture campus protest voices from 50 years ago through public history project

UW–Madison students who helped collect and process audio interviews about the 1967 Dow protests on campus say they learned some valuable lessons from the accounts.

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Ronald Radano earns a Berlin Prize Fellowship

Ronald Radano, a professor of African Cultural Studies and Music, has been named a 2018-19 Berlin Prize Fellow, the American Academy in Berlin announced. The professor will analyze colonial-era African recordings in Berlin’s Ethnographic Museum. 

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