In On Wisconsin Magazine: Empowering mothers

A new book by Afro-American studies alumna Sagashus Levingston (MA’096) gives voice to mothers from all walks of life. 

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New Korean Language Flagship Program to launch

The second of its kind in the nation — which will give UW-Madison students a new way to pursue intensive study of Korean language and culture — adds to the university’s reputation as a foreign-language leader. 

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Learning to sail

It was a gray Friday afternoon, cloudy and unusually chilly for September, with a heavy chance of rain. Most of the sailing classes offered through Wisconsin Hoofers had been canceled for the day — except for physics student Jay Chan’s sailing lesson, which he prepared for eagerly despite the darkening skies.

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Humanities for All highlights Great World Texts

Great World Texts in Wisconsin is a yearlong program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for the Humanities that brings contemporary and historical literature from around the world to life in Wisconsin high schools.

“Great works of literature are for everybody and we believe, I believe, and the program demonstrates, that that diversity is precisely what literature is good for,” Center director Sara Guyer tells Humanities for All, part of the National Humanities Alliance. 

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Parental POV: History course tackles the 1970s-90s through a generational lens

For the sake of learning — and with occasional family healing — a UW history course is asking students to turn their parents into historical subjects. Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen’s History 221 course, The History of Your Parents’ Generation (1970s–90s), tackles a tumultuous few decades, assigning students to interview their parents (“compelling figures in the drama of American life in their own right,” the syllabus states) about their upbringing and their memories of music, fashion, and historic milestones.

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$100,000 poetry prize for History alum

On Tuesday, May 1, the Poetry Foundation announced that Martín Espada was awarded the 2018 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, which is presented annually in recognition of the lifetime achievements of a living US poet.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Audiophiles: Students study podcasts as the medium takes off

Four years ago, Jeremy Morris launched his podcast class at the UW — and the word podcast wasn’t even in the title of the communication arts course. Now, in the midst of the golden age of podcasts, the course has a new name — Sound Cultures: Podcasting and Music — and increased demand. Morris, an associate professor of media and cultural studies, exposes students to a wide variety of podcasts and gives them hands-on experience with manipulating audio.

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In Isthmus: A mesmerizing story

Shawn Francis Peters couldn’t believe his luck. After writing 2012’s The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era (Oxford University Press), the instructor in UW-Madison’s Integrated Liberal Studies Program was searching for an intriguing Upper Midwest-based true-crime subject when Harry Hayward entered his life.

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The art of cheesemaking

History grad Mike Matucheski blends creativity and a love of tradition with scientific rigor to produce award-winning cheeses for Sartori Cheese Company.

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