In On Wisconsin Magazine: How to trust a robot

Mathematics and computer sciences alum Bill Hibbard (BA'70, MS'73, PhD'95) and other artificial intelligence experts want to ensure that AI meets its potential for good — and avoids dystopian scenarios.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: From Wisconsin, with humor

Charlie Berens (BA'09 Journalism & Mass Communication, Geography) leans into his Badger State roots — and accent — to deliver the Manitowoc Minute, a comedic take on the news.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Madison, revisited

Been awhile since you've visited the UW's hometown? Consider an itinerary made up of beautiful views, a raft of restaurants (including a food cart owned by 2008 zoology alumna Melanie Nelson), and a less-traveled path on campus.

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CS alum Brent Seales makes seeing the unseeable possible in charred Herculaneum scrolls

UW alum Brent Seales, Director of the Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments at the University of Kentucky, is featured in the article "Buried by the Ash of Vesuvius, These Scrolls Are Being Read for the First Time in Millennia" on "I'm continuing to work toward access to materials, as well as technical methods that will allow me to read the Herculaneum scrolls, which I consider to be a fantastic 'grand challenge' problem," says Seales.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: Dream maker

At Industrial Light & Magic, Rachel Rose (MS'03, PhD'07, Computer Sciences) leads a virtual-production team that brings the Star Wars universe yo the big screen.

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In On Wisconsin Magazine: La Follette alum Paul Rusk

“We must always remember that we — the people of this nation — should and can be ‘the powers that be,’ ” said Paul Rusk (BS’77 Horticulture, MA’91 Public Affairs and Administration) in a speech during UW–Madison’s 1977 spring commencement.

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$100,000 poetry prize for History alum

On Tuesday, May 1, the Poetry Foundation announced that Martín Espada was awarded the 2018 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, which is presented annually in recognition of the lifetime achievements of a living US poet.

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The art of cheesemaking

History grad Mike Matucheski blends creativity and a love of tradition with scientific rigor to produce award-winning cheeses for Sartori Cheese Company.

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In WPR: Changing the narrative about being black and hooded

The #Blackandhooded hashtag, which has since gained traction across the world and spurred offshoots including a website and scholarship fund, was created last year by University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni Anthony Wright and Brian Allen.

"That negative connotation that's associated with being black and in the hood is kind of what sparked our interest to change the negative narrative into a positive one," said Wright, 

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