From Chancellor Blank: Career center prepares students for jobs

UW-Madison is serious about its mission of preparing students for the workforce. In January, a new Career Exploration Center opened that will help students make decisions about their majors and career paths.

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L&S teaching assistants shine in campus awards

In order to recognize excellence on the part of TAs across campus, each year the College of Letters & Science, with support from the Graduate School, administers awards for exceptional teaching by graduate students. 

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In The New York Times: The Women of ‘Star Wars’

L&S alumna Rachel Rose has spent the last decade as an engineer at Industrial Light and Magic, the special-effects studio founded by George Lucas. She holds a doctorate in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison. 

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In Laura Schwendinger's Artemesia to make New York premier in St. Paul's Chapel

UW-Madison professor of composition Laura Schwendinger's new opera, Artemisia, was given its New York Premiere on Saturday, January 7 at 1:00 PM at St Paul's Chapel in Manhattan. Artemisia is an opera of passion, betrayal and art in 17th century Italy, and is based on the life of Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi. 

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From One person, one algorithm, one vote: Campaigns are doing more with data, for better or worse

Young Mie Kim has a theory about voters. Each one is basically a collection of data points that determine how that person will vote. “In the data age, voters are defined based on an algorithm, based on a construction and reconstruction of data,” she said.

Two months after an election where political campaigns were blamed or credited for relying on voter data to an unprecedented degree, Kim, a professor and researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is studying how campaigns used that data in Wisconsin and across the country.

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UniverCity Alliance: Providing resources and saving money for Wisconsin cities

The UniverCity Alliance brings together students, faculty and research centers from across the UW-Madison campus and connects them to the places where people live. The goal of the project is to provide resources to communities to help develop the best solutions for urban growth and development issues.

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Two more awards for University Opera

UW-Madison’s University Opera is on a roll. Both shows from last year, Transformations and Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, have won awards in the National Opera Association’s (NOA) Opera Production Competition for 2015-2016.

It is the second year in a row that UW-Madison has garnered an award from NOA, and the first time that each production was separately recognized. University Opera produces only two operas each year.

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Approaching a patient like a painting

Before becoming a hospitalist and medical instructor at Duke University, Dr. Suchita Shah Sata was an honors student at UW-Madison, where a number of art history courses helped make her a better doctor today.

She says, "I even teach my medical students to approach a sick patient like a Seurat painting: You have to get really focused on the small dots of color (lab values, vital signs, heart sounds, family history, etc.), but then you have to step back and see the whole picture in order to accurately diagnose and treat the patient." 

Read more about her experience in her own words. 

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