Hugh Iltis, UW’s ‘battling botanist,’ dies at 91

Hugh H. Iltis, a noted University of Wisconsin–Madison plant geographer, educator, conservationist and mentor to botany students from across the Americas, died in Madison on Dec. 19.

Passionate, articulate, informed, Iltis was opinionated, sometimes argumentative, but always a fearless defender of the natural world he revered. Having recognized early the accelerating rate of ecological destruction in the mid-20th century, he helped found the Wisconsin branch of the Nature Conservancy in 1960 and inspired other projects in Wisconsin, Hawaii and Mexico.

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UW study to examine women's roles in peacemaking

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is hosting a project designed to explore women’s existing roles in African peacemaking and to see what lessons can be gleaned from their mostly informal initiatives.

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UW botanist leads petition to give Venus flytrap endangered species protection

University of Wisconsin–Madison ecologists have played a key role in a petition filed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Friday seeking emergency Endangered Species Act protection for the Venus flytrap.

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UW-Madison geoscientist offers free geologic exploration app

Plenty of apps are born over a cup of joe or a glass of wine or beer. Find out how an app for rating microbrews inspired a GPS-based geology app that serves both amateurs and professionals.

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Life in ancient oceans enabled by erosion from land

As scientists continue finding evidence for life in the ocean more than 3 billion years ago, those ancient fossils pose a paradox that raises questions about whether there was more land mass than previously thought.

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Crystal sheds light on Earth, moon, Mars

An international team of scientists has discovered microscopic crystals telling of unimaginable pressures and temperatures when an asteroid formed Meteor Crater in northern Arizona some 49,000 years ago.

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UW-Madison spinoff keeps an eye on weather as it returns to Madison

Alex Kubicek brings Understory, a maker of weather station networks, back to Madison.

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Fundamental discovery slashes energy cost of chemical reactions

A chemistry lab has found a pair of catalysts that oxidize alcohols with significantly better energy efficiency. 

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Making molecules comfy is ultimate challenge for UW’s ‘Glass Guy’

Chemistry professor Mark Ediger studies the fundamental properties of glasses containing organic (carbon-bearing) molecules.

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