For employers

L&S aspires to be the #1 talent acquisition source for employers in our area and beyond. Employer sponsors are key to our success. Read on to find out more about the ways your company can tap into a great resource: multi-talented students from the largest college at UW-Madison. Help us create a great workforce for Wisconsin!

Investing in the College of Letters & Science provides unique opportunities to engage the volume and quality of students you seek to hire as future members of your team. Increase your visibility and deepen your connections with L&S students by becoming one of our employer partners. Explore our customizable  packages designed to help you target the students that best fit your recruiting needs. We’ll work with you to attract diverse talent, tell your brand story, build a pipeline to your company, and engage students early in their campus experience.

Companies that have partnered with us in the past have reported an increase in their recruiting outcomes and better brand awareness at UW-Madison based on their involvement with the Letters & Science Career Initiative.

Opportunities for Employers

What are some specific opportunities for partnering with the College of Letters & Science at UW-Madison? Companies can host workshops at Career Kickstart Residence Hall, work with us to design and post internships, attend one of our career fairs, and more.