L&S Career Initiative: For Faculty and Staff

Faculty, TAs and advisors: You are central to the success of the L&S Career Initiative. Students look to YOU for guidance on important steps to take throughout their college experience. Particularly for first-generation students (and over 19% of L&S students are first-gen), your words carry weight and your actions make an enormous difference. 

Your influence, guidance and creativity can help us change lives. Scroll down to learn more about how you can incorporate career guidance into your classroom experience.

Career prep course: Taking Initiative

One thing we’re trying to do is give students a scheme, a language and a set of tools for talking about what they’ve done in the past, what they want to do in the future, what they think they can bring to an organization, and to be able to really communicate that.

InterLS 210: Taking Initiative

Where to begin?

Start by advising your students to enroll in the course InterLS 210: Taking Initiative. Students need to begin thinking about their futures much earlier in the college experience, and this course is ideal for that fundamental exploration and preparation. 

In Taking Initiative, students will learn:

  • How to apply and interview for internships
  • Strategies for researching companies and organizations
  • Why a liberal arts degree is valuable for their personal and professional future
  • What career development is and how to apply it to their daily lives
  • What strengths employers are looking for when hiring interns and employees

Led by associate dean Greg Downey, the course features small-group sections taught by TAs and alumni mentoring (via Skype or in person).

When we surveyed students enrolled in our InterLS 210: Taking Initiative course, we asked, "How did you hear about the course?" The most common answer: "From a professor." Student reviews of this course have been overwhelmingly positive. Once they're enrolled, they love the course. We need your help to get them there.

All About Internships

Employers say that internships are #1 on their list when considering recent grads for hire. The L&S Career Initiative is designed to help our students land these opportunities. Three things to share with your students:

Finding an internship

Great Lakes Career-Ready Grant (through CAE)

InterLS 260: Internship for Credit

People in the Know

Questions about the Letters & Science Career Initiative? These folks can help.

Leslie Kohlberg (pictured left) is the LSCI's Associate Director of Department Relations and works closely with departments to implement the Career Initiative throughout L&S. She's the designated "point person" for faculty and staff.

Rebekah Pare is the Executive Director and Associate Dean of SuccessWorks, and can provide insight on founding principles, background materials, and progress reports.

LSCI Support and Resources Guide

Find new ideas, and resources for helping you implement your own ideas, here. From keeping up with career fairs, to designing an innovative career prep course, the opportunities for faculty and staff to help lead students via the L&S Career Initiative are endless.

Liberal arts and employment

We all know that a liberal arts degree will keep working for students long after they graduate. But they don't have to take our word for it. Share these articles about the value of the liberal arts with your students.

Innovate and Create

Have an idea for a career or internship course? Want to implement career-readiness activities in your classroom? We welcome your ideas and have staff and resources to help you put them into action.

L&S Career Resources for Faculty & Staff

Reading Material

Pass around a good article on the value of a liberal arts degree!

Good news, liberal arts majors: your peers probably won't out-earn you forever

– from the Wall Street Journal, 9/11/16