Mentor and Support L&S Students

Our talented and hardworking L&S alumni are key to the success of the L&S Career Initiative. More than 300 have stepped up so far. Discover all the ways you can help us launch our students higher, sooner, below.

One big reason our Taking Initiative course is so popular?

The course features successful L&S alumni mentors (like Steve Pogorzelski, pictured here) sharing real-world lessons, who often continue helping students even after class is over.

About the course
Mentors say

I believe that coaching is a gift and one should give it and receive it in that spirit.  I derive tremendous satisfaction from the whole process.

Pogorzelski Q&A

Many ways to mentor

“I love doing alumni mentoring. I think it is absolutely brilliant that UW does this. It’s invaluable for students to listen to the thoughts of someone who could be hiring them in a few years." 
– Jill Tricarico, Managing Director, Brean Capital

Workshops at Career Kickstart, informational interviewing, job shadows and more are all ways our alumni are getting involved to help students succeed.

Network without leaving your desk!

Badger Bridge is an exclusive professional network just for UW-Madison alumni and students. Students who join Badger Bridge are hoping to connect with alumni in fields that interest them. You can guide, mentor and maybe even recruit your next best employee through this new tool. Upload your current LinkedIn profile if you wish. Easy to use and high-impact.

Volunteer for a video

Our “Badger to Badger: Steps that Matter” video vignettes feature Badgers sharing career advice with current students.

"The Sky is the Limit for Liberal Arts Grads"

Kenny '90 and Shoshana Dichter '92 share their journey as entrepreneurs and offer advice on being both a successful entrepreneur and student.

Progress toward our goals

Investors in the L&S Career Initiative want to know where we're going, and what we've accomplished so far. Progress reports track our success. 

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Background, Principles, Deliverables

We wanted our liberal arts students to feel empowered about their skills, their talents and their choice of major.

The Case for the Career Initiative

Invest in the Forward Fund

The LSCI is fully funded by alumni and friends, including our corporate sponsors. To keep creating fantastic opportunities for our students, we need your support! 


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