University Staff Awards

L&S University Staff Awards honor staff members for their excellence in four areas: effectiveness; innovation, creativity and originality; leadership; and the promotion of the Wisconsin Idea.

2018 Recipients

Michael Bradley
Shipping and Receiving Specialist, Department of Chemistry

Mike Bradley manages the delivery of hundreds of packages that arrive every day at the loading dock of the chemistry department, making sure each item — from letters to chemicals to equipment — gets to the right person in an efficient and safe manner.

By streamlining channels of ordering, purchasing and delivery, Mike has helped improve department efficiency. He is known for taking the initiative to solve problems and has shown strong leadership in training and managing his student helpers, as well as providing advice for researchers on the moving and shipping of chemicals. Mike has also served in the University Congress for the last three years, chairing committees and becoming an expert on university rules and regulations. “Mike is an exemplary employee: friendly, helpful and very committed to our mission. He is a positive person that everyone can count on,” says professor of chemistry Ive Hermans.

Brenda Hemstead
Information Systems and Data Service Provider in the State Cartographer's Office, Department of Geography

Brenda occupies an important role within the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office, serving as the liaison between the university and the state surveying community. She has been instrumental in developing the first versions of two important online mapping applications that provide access to national, state and county surveying and geodetic data.

Wisconsin State Cartographer Howard Veregin says, “Her work and dedication have helped raise the visibility of surveying and geodesy — the science of accurately measuring and understanding the Earth’s geometric shape, orientation in space and gravity field — as the foundation for most geospatial data-sets, including tax parcels and administrative boundaries.”

Steven Myers
Instrument Shop Supervisor, Department of Chemistry

Steve oversees a “superbly-functioning” shop that serves many needs of the department, according to professor of chemistry Gilbert Nathanson. In addition to excellent machine and design skills, Steve possesses a creative, problem-solving mindset, a calm demeanor, and the ability to create materials not only for research efforts, but also education and outreach activities, assisting in communicating science to students, campus visitors and the public. 

Steve is leading an effort to reinvent the roles of the electronics and machine shops in the department, bringing the two together into a “makers’ space,” or a one-stop shop that merges electronics and machining into a single unit.

“Steve has created a nurturing and collegial environment. I wish that I could bottle it,” says Nathanson.

Kelly O'Ferrell
Hasler Lab Coordinator, Center for Limnology

Kelly assists faculty with course preparations and promotes the Center for Limnology’s outreach mission.

Not only is Kelly an organized, proactive leader who has boosted her own skills in the areas of InDesign, WordPress and alumni relations and outreach, but she is also known for her commitment to fostering inclusivity, equity and a sense of belonging. She was recently invited to serve as a presenter for the Hostile and Intimidating Behavior curriculum, led by the Office of the Provost.

Finally, Kelly has brought beauty to the Center for Limnology. She introduced “Art in the Stairway,” inviting student artists to display their work, and what was a blank wall in the lab is now continuously filled with a gallery of rotating beautiful images.

Su Ann Rose
Academic Department Specialist, Department of Gender & Women's Studies

Su Ann Rose has managed the growing complexity of the department for the last 16 years, handling HR and personnel issues, preparing and administering the department’s budget and providing support to the Chair and Executive Committee.

Su Ann is detail-oriented, but also extremely knowledgeable about rules and practices at the college, university and UW system level. She keeps track of the big picture while attending to day-to-day responsibilities. She is warm and kind, and has nurtured and utilized a network of working relationships across campus in order to maximize effectiveness. 

“She always knows who to call to get any question answered,” says chair Aili Tripp.

All Recipients


  • Michael Bradley, Department of Chemistry
  • Brenda Hemstead, Department of Geography
  • Steven Myers, Department of Chemistry
  • Kelly O'Ferrell, Center for Limnology
  • Su Ann Rose, Department of Gender & Women's Studies


  • Patrick Brenzel, Department of Sociology
  • Robin Snell, Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Karen Stephens, Department of Chemistry
  • Kerry O’Neil, School of Music
  • Tammi Simpson, Department of Spanish & Portuguese


  • James Zernicke, Department of Chemistry
  • Spring Sherrod, Department of English
  • Marjorie Matthews, La Follette School of Public Affairs
  • Wendy Margolis, School of Music
  • Toni Schulze, Department of Sociology


  • Diane Bollant-Peschl, Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies
  • Lora Grant, Department of Philosophy
  • Mathew Martin, Department of Chemistry
  • Cecilia Stodd, Department of Chemistry
  • Daun Wheeler, Letters & Science Administration


  • Carol Cooley, Department of Zoology
  • April Leslie, Department of Chemistry
  • Patricia Winspur, Department of Philosophy
  • Dawn Duren, Institute for Research on Poverty
  • Meenu Verma, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


  • William Bach, Department of Classics
  • Billy Gates, Department of Physics
  • Ann Harris, Institute for Research in the Humanities
  • Betty Harwood, Department of Chemistry
  • John Koger, Department of Psychology


  • Mary Czynszak-Lyne, L&S Honors Program
  • Rosana Perez-Ellman, Department of Chemistry
  • Dolores Liamba, Department of Afro-American Studies
  • Kathleen (Kat) Myhre, Department of Chemistry
  • Ed Vasiukevicius, Department of Chemistry


  • Kristi Heming, Department of Chemistry
  • Christy Horstmeyer, Department of Philosophy
  • Angela Powell, Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia
  • Vicki Sekel, Social Science Research Services
  • David Harring, Center for Limnology


  • Bruce Goldade, Department of Chemistry
  • Tom Ladell, Department of Chemistry
  • Andrea Palm, Department of French & Italian
  • Jerry Stamn, Department of Chemistry
  • Karen Turino, Lubar Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Religions


  • Mary Beth Ellis, Department of Economics
  • Susan Grass, Department of French & Italian
  • Susan Fenton, Religious Studies Program
  • Brian Karas, Department of Chemistry
  • Dianne Mitchell, Department of Chemistry


  • Susan Barthel, Student Academic Affairs
  • Susan Cory, L&S Copy Centers
  • Shelley Glodowski, Department of Philosophy 
  • Robin Shanahan, Department of English
  • Terry Maggio, Department of English


  • Laura Anderson, Student Academic Affairs
  • Margarette Erdman, Department of Anthropology
  • Roberta Ostrander, Department of Chemistry
  • Michael Pecore, Center for Limnology
  • Mehdi Rezai, L&S Administration


  • Cheryl Arn, Department of French & Italian
  • Mary Barber, Department of English
  • Ron Brockman, Cross-College Advising Services
  • Jefferson Burkett, Department of Chemistry
  • Jane Williams, Department of History


  • Phyllis Fass, Department of Astronomy
  • Arnold Gudel, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Gail Johnson, School of Music
  • Anita Lightfoot, Department of Jewish Studies
  • Sue Martin-Zernicke, Department of Chemistry

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