L&S Advising Awards

Persons honored with the L&S Academic Advising award must be exemplary advisors. Recipients must have gone beyond the call of duty and worked across school and college lines to serve the needs of students.

2018 Recipients

Scott Burkhardt
Senior Advisor, Department of History

As the advisor for one of the largest majors in the college, Scott is an encouraging mentor and honest sounding board to between 450 and 700 undergraduates. He works tirelessly not only to connect students with classes, activities and opportunities, but also to advocate for students, improve curriculum and create opportunities for them.

History professor Sarah Thal points out that Scott relates to high-performing students as well as those struggling academically, and he works diligently and creatively to meet students where they are and help them feel a part of the department.

“Scott is committed to  all of our students,” Thal says. “He values them as individuals and thinks creatively and effectively of appropriate administrative means to achieve equity and inclusion for all.” 

Mark Louden
Professor, Department of German, Nordic & Slavic

Mark is both an outstanding teacher and dedicated advisor — and students appreciate him for both roles.

“What has impressed me the most about my interactions with Professor Louden is the lengths to which is he willing to go to ensure his students’ success in every capacity,” says junior Liddy Whritenour.

Whether it was helping students decide how to most efficiently meet requirements within or outside of the German major, skyping with students to answer pressing questions while they were studying abroad or learning more about them personally so they felt less like a number at a big university, Mark approached his advising role, which he held from 2009 to 2017, with commitment and passion.

He also had students’ needs in mind when he spearheaded the creation of the German certificate, the university’s first language certificate, which boasts roughly 180 students today.

All Recipients


  • Scott Burkhardt, Senior Advisor, Department of History
  • Mark Louden, Professor, Department of German, Nordic & Slavic


  • Karen Redfield, Department of English
  • Lisa Aarli, School of Journalism and Mass Communication


  • Teddy Kaul, Associate Student Services Coordinator, Department of Art History
  • Myra Marx Ferree, Professor, Department of Sociology


  • Ricardo Court, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Political Science
  • Jeanne Hamers, Chemistry Undergraduate Program Director and Major Advisor, Department of Chemistry


  • Jeff Beneker, Associate Professor, Department of Classics
  • Mary Treleven, Senior Student Services Coordinator, Lafollette School of Public Affairs


  • Melanie Manion, Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Karen Thompson, Senior Advisor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese


  • Patricia Rosenmeyer, Professor, Department of Classics
  • Anna Tumarkin, Associate Faculty Associate, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature


  • Nina Valeo-Cooke, Academic Staff, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Mark Kenoyer, Professor, Department of Anthropology


  • Steven Winspur, Professor, Department of French and Italian
  • Stephanie Osborn, Academic Staff, Department of Psychology


  • Ronald Troxel, Associate Professor, Religious Studies Program
  • Molly McGlone, Assistant Director of Advising and Curriculum, L&S Honors Program


  • Gloria Mari-Beffa, Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Liane Kosaki, Academic Staff, Department of Political Science


  • Philip Brown, Professor,Department of Geology   
  • Rebecca Ryan, Academic Staff, Cross-College Advising Services


  • Andrew Irving, Faculty, Department of French & Italian
  • Ellen Jacobson, Academic Staff, Department of Sociology


  • Neil Richardson, Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Christine Schindler, Academic Staff, International Studies Division

Nominate an outstanding advisor.

For more information about Advising Awards, please contact Associate Dean of Student Academic Affairs Cal Bergman.