Shared Governance in L&S

The College of Letters & Science is committed to the style of "shared governance" that is characteristic of UW-Madison.

This involves a system under which faculty, staff and students share responsibility for campus governance. In practice, this means that people who are affected by decisions help contribute to making them. 

Under shared governance, our faculty, staff and students serve on standing committees formed on particular topics, or on ad hoc committees that address focused questions. Service on committees is important to the Department, College, and University, and this system works most effectively when all participants feel welcome to come forward to offer their energy and expertise.

Implementation of decisions may be delegated to an administrative body, but the activities of people in those units is informed by consultation with the people affected. 

These committees, in particular, serve as important "advisory" bodies for the Dean:

Some committees address ongoing academic and administrative business of the college; others meet only as the need arises. 

If no existing body is available to provide insight into emerging questions, the dean may convene ad hoc committees to study new issues.

Information about specific committees can be found in the Administrative Gateway.