Update from Dean Scholz

From Dean Scholz

I have three strongly held thoughts as we leave 2018 behind and embark on a new year.

First, UW-Madison is unquestionably a remarkable university. We can
choose different quantitative metrics to document this: ranging from
rankings, such as those of U.S. News & World Report or various
versions of world university rankings, to total research expenditures or
number of doctorates granted. Qualitative experiences reinforce the
quantitative measures. Participate in a graduation event such as the
2018 Winter Commencement held at the Kohl Center three weeks ago: The
gratitude and passion of our graduates and their families are palpable.

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Current Dean's Message
Resources: Climate, Safety, Inclusion

Faculty and staff are sharing best practices and asking for helpful links and resources to address their students' needs around campus climate issues. We've compiled a list; please contact your division's Associate Dean with additional ideas, thoughts and feedback. 

Resources for Faculty & Staff

Research Resources

L&S Office of Research Services (ORS)

The L&S Office of Research Services (ORS) assists faculty and staff in their efforts to promote research, advance learning and amplify the Wisconsin Idea. The office is led by Eric Wilcots, Associate Dean for Research. Research resources offered and administered by L&S include:

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
L&S Pre-Award Services
L&S Post-Award Services
Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities Reporting
Animal Research

More About ORS

Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education oversees more than $1 billion in annual research expenditures, a figure that puts the University of Wisconsin–Madison as the number four university in the nation for volume of research. The office also includes administration of 17 cross-campus research and service centers and maintains oversight of the Graduate School, which has an annual budget of $160 million and as well as responsibility for 9,400 graduate students in 150 master’s and 120 doctoral fields. 

Vice Chancellor Mailick’s leadership team consists of faculty and staff members representing the various disciplines of research and graduate education, including administration, physical sciences, biological sciences, social studies and arts and humanities. 


Shared Governance

The College of Letters & Science is committed to the style of "shared governance" that is characteristic of UW-Madison. Four committees, in particular, serve as important “advisory” bodies for the dean.

Awards & Honors

Faculty Awards

Each year, L&S faculty members garner top awards, professorships and fellowships. We are proud of their accomplishments and all that they do for the college and for UW-Madison.

THE LATEST: L&S faculty members win nine of twelve UW-Madison 2018 Distinguished Teaching Awards

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Staff Awards

L&S awards a series of honors to distinguished academic and university staff. View our awards and recent recipients, and learn more about how you can nominate someone you work with who makes a difference. 

THE LATEST: Four L&S staff members honored with 2018 Academic Staff Excellence Awards

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L&S Staff News

L&S Career Initiative

L&S faculty and staff members can help students find their paths to rewarding careers. Learn how you can help launch our students higher, sooner.

Taking Initiative: Inter-LS 210

This interdisciplinary, one-credit course engages liberal arts students in career preparation, practical job skills, goal-setting, critical thinking and reflection. You can help by recommending the course to interested students, or promoting it during one of your courses.

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Half Spot Lscifor Facstaff 450X459

Career Resources for Faculty & Staff

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Half Spot Lscibackground 450X459

Career Initiative Background, Guiding Principles and Deliverables

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