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Almost 70 percent of UW-Madison’s Teaching Assistants (TAs) teach within the College of Letters & Science. L&S TAs provide an important link between faculty and undergraduates through their diverse roles in undergraduate education.

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2015 Campus-Wide TA Award Winners

The University of Wisconsin-Madison employs over 2,000 teaching assistants across a wide variety of disciplines. The contributions of TAs in the classroom, lab, studio and field are essential to the University’s education mission. In order to recognize excellence on the part of TAs across campus, each year the College of Letters & Science, with funding support from the Graduate School, administers awards for exceptional teaching.

The Campus-wide TA Awards Committee is happy to announce that the winners for this year’s awards are as follows. They will be joined by families, friends, colleagues, and the university administration at the award ceremony on February 26, 3-4 PM, at 911 Van Vleck Hall.

Early Excellence in Teaching Award

Exceptional Service Award

Innovation in Teaching Award

Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award

More information about L&S TA Awards.

Learn more about our awards, and how to nominate a great Teaching Assistant.