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Strength in numbers

More female mathematicians teach, mentor and conduct research at UW-Madison than at nearly any other major research university in the country. They’re not only helping to change the face of math here and now, but making it easier for the next generations of women to pursue the path.

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Shakespeare in L&S

The Shakesconsin Idea

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Shakespeare in L&S

A literary storm is brewing

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Shakespeare in L&S

Hollywood Bard

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Research & Discovery

Hunting dark matter

UW-Madison scientists join forces with top physicists, engineers and technicians around the world to prove the existence of dark matter.

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L&S Research
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Digitizing the Middle Ages

A digital platform that fosters connections among medieval maps and manuscripts has the potential to unlock secrets of the past — and may just revolutionize how humanities scholarship takes shape in the future. 

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Regeneration sensation

Phil Newmark is a developmental biologist who uses freshwater flatworms to study the mysteries of how the body regenerates damaged tissue.

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Total recall

Psychology Professor Brad Postle’s lab is challenging the idea that working memory remembers things through sustained brain activity. They caught brains tucking less-important information away somewhere beyond the reach of the tools that typically monitor brain activity — and then they snapped that information back into active attention with magnets.

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The Student Experience

The Wisconsin Idea

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Rock on!

Want to identify the geological wonder all around you? There’s a UW-designed app for that.

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Issues of ethics

As Katy Culver takes the helm of the Center for Journalism Ethics as its third director, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication assistant professor recognizes the crucial need for ethics in the field today. 

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Political newsmaker

Katherine Cramer, a political science professor and director of the Morgridge Center for Public Service, spent five years popping into small Wisconsin towns to chat with citizens. What she discovered was a sense of being overlooked that many media sources have since cited as one reason behind the Donald Trump presidency. 

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Harvesting data

Two UW-Madison researchers have created tools to help farmers markets around the country collect, interpret and utilize metrics to bolster their business model.

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A student of the world

In her four years at UW-Madison, Jenny Ostrowski has studied abroad in Jordan and China, participated in internships in Ecuador and Uganda and completed a research project in Jordan. But an experience volunteering in Greece forever changed the International Studies and African Languages and Literature major from Superior, Wisconsin.

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Alumni & Friends

Alumni Spotlights
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Investing in students

Inspired by their sons' unique experiences in the College of Letters & Science, Kevah and Michele Konner made the decision to help other liberal arts students define their careers. 

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The sweet spot: Gail Ambrosius

The revered Madison, Wisconsin chocolatier turned a passion for geography into a business that honors where her ingredients are grown.

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Josh Sapan: From Mad Town to 'Mad Men'

Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have drawn us into their unique worlds because of their incredible storytelling and vivid sense of place. And these hit AMC shows have all become part of popular culture thanks to L&S alum Josh Sapan, who has helmed the network for the past two decades.

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Alumni Achievements

Judith Faulkner wins Distinguished Alumni Award

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Alumni Achievements

Doris Weisberg wins Distinguished Alumni Award

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Alumni Achievements

Michele Boal receives Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

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The Last Word

The performance center not only will change the entire performing experience for UW-Madison students and faculty — it will transform the public’s expectations and ideas about a musical education at UW-Madison

L&S Dean Karl Scholz, Mead Witter School of Music Director Susan Cook, George Hamel, Pamela Hamel, Susan Feith, George Mead, and Chancellor Rebecca Blank broke ground on the new Hamel Music Center on October 28, 2016. The center, which will feature a 662-seat concert hall, a 325-seat recital hall, a large rehearsal space and state-of-the-art technologies, will be the performance space of the Mead Witter School of Music, and is expected to be completed by fall 2018. (Photo by Andy Manis)

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