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Women in the math department find strength in numbers

More female mathematicians teach, mentor and conduct research at UW-Madison than at nearly any other major math department in the country. They’re not only helping to change the face of math here and now, but making it easier for the next generations of women to pursue the path. 

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Celebrating Great Teachers: L&S Faculty win nine of twelve UW-Madison Distinguished Teaching Awards

Twelve faculty members have been chosen to receive this year’s Distinguished Teaching Awards, an honor given out since 1953 to recognize the university’s finest educators. Nine of those faculty members teach in the College of Letters & Science. 

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Japanese literature course leads to ultimate field trip for UW students

Adam L. Kern, a professor of Japanese literature and visual culture, was chosen for an extensive profile on a popular prime-time television program in Japan. The show’s producers wanted Kern to pick four students to accompany him on a free, week-long trip to Japan.

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Fueling Discovery

"Fueling Discovery" is a joint effort of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science and the Wisconsin State Journal. This special section features essays from faculty members across the college about their groundbreaking research. 

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Noteworthy Alumni

'Forward Under 40' awards honor young alumni

The Wisconsin Alumni Association recognizes eight alumni under the age of 40 who are leveraging the benefits of their UW education to better their cities, states, nation and the world. Six of these outstanding citizens are L&S alumni.

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L&S is at the heart of the largest comprehensive campaign in the history of the university: the All Ways Forward campaign. Your gift of any amount directly supports efforts to fund initiatives and programs that will benefit our students and move the university forward. 

Professor's Perspective

Why should farmers and homesteaders care about art? Do loggers and mechanics need to read Hamlet? [UW-Madison] answered these questions with a question of its own: Shouldn’t hardworking men and women also ponder the themes of justice and revenge that are central to Shakespeare’s play?

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