Why choose L&S?

What's so great about a liberal arts education from UW-Madison?

For one thing, it makes for a college experience that is rich in discovery, exploration, personal growth, and new ideas.

But while your courses may be fascinating, liberating, eye-opening and mind-blowing, a liberal arts degree from UW-Madison keeps working for you long after you have graduated.

By pursuing a degree in the liberal arts – a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science – you are preparing for long-term satisfaction in work and in life. A liberal arts degree is a journey of self-discovery, as you explore new topics and discuss ideas with a wide range of people. You delve deeply into a broad range of subjects beyond just your major. When you graduate, you aren’t narrowly prepared for one field. You’ve developed writing, presentation, and analytical skills. You’ve been exposed to the scientific method, as well as literary analysis.  A Chemistry major, for example, will also graduate with knowledge of a language, history, social science, the arts, and more.

Why does this matter?

Because the more you know, the more curious you become. Curious people seek opportunities to enrich and expand their lives. Learning leads to conversation, dialogue, innovation, advancement. Employers value liberal arts majors because they are problem-solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and good communicators. 

Can a 4-year degree from L&S really open doors with employers? 

Yes, it can. Based on a recent L&S alumni survey rigorously designed and administered by the university’s nationally-renowned survey center, our graduates’ employment rates are on par with the School of Business and the School of Engineering, and out-perform the national average for university graduates. They work for an extremely wide range of fields, including technology, corporate management, education, and non-profits.

L&S alumni also report high job satisfaction and believe that their academic preparation gave them an advantage compared to employees from other colleges and universities.

Then there's our L&S Career Initiative — unique among large public universities. Funded by alumni and sponsored by key employers, the LSCI is designed to help each and every one of our students — not just the extra-motivated or well-connected few — define his or her path. We start where you are — and go from there. From the basics of resume-building, to connecting with alumni mentors, to landing an internship, the resources are at your fingertips.

But we value learning for its own sake, here. 

You will never regret your liberal arts degree from UW-Madison, because it gives you the opportunity to explore subjects that fascinate you, as well as prepare you for a successful career. You will connect with wonderful faculty from 125 departments, programs, centers and institutes, whose mentoring and teaching will influence your goals and direction. And you will gain an appreciation for learning that will last a lifetime.

The "Badger to Badger: Steps that Matter" video series offers an interesting peek into what our alumni are doing now — and what they'd tell young Badgers, if they could sit down with them face-to-face.