What Makes L&S Unique?

As Dean of the largest college on campus, I talk frequently about the values, intentions, and unique strengths of L&S.  Here are a few ways that L&S stands out from smaller liberal arts colleges, and from other schools and colleges on campus:

  • We are big and proud of it. More than 125 departments, centers, institutes and programs, from African Cultural Studies to Zoology, means we are a wellspring of ideas, collaboration and knowledge creation.
  • Our faculty seek to better understand the physical world, the way society is organized, and what it means to be human. L&S faculty invite undergraduates to join them in the lab, the archives, or the field, offering endless opportunities to make exciting discoveries.
  • We offer an unparalleled “Wisconsin Experience.” There are many opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom. Students can graduate from L&S with experience in: global travel, service learning, writing for publication, leadership and government, social justice, and—perhaps most important—networking and career preparation.

And that brings me to one of the most critical strengths of L&S: the Letters & Science Career Initiative. The Letters & Science Career Initiative helps our students effectively, purposefully use their time at UW-Madison, articulate their academic skills to potential employers, develop networks that lead to internships and job opportunities, and build connections between passionate, supportive Badger alumni and our students.

This means that in addition to graduating students who possess the breadth and depth of a diverse education; an understanding of our world and its history; varied perspectives and critical thinking skills; and the ability to share their ideas in clear, coherent language—we are graduating students who are ready for the job market.

With the LSCI, we are leading the way among large public universities in preparing our liberal arts students for life after graduation.

I am enormously proud of the accomplishments and dedicated work of our faculty, staff and graduate students. And I could not be more excited about the future for our undergraduates, who continue to inspire me every year with their enthusiasm, motivation, and desire to change the world.

On Wisconsin!

Karl Scholz

Nellie June Gray Professor of Economics
Dean, UW-Madison College of Letters & Science