Who do you want to be?

Not all those who wander are lost.*  Whether you're a wanderer, a sprinter or a steady plodder, we can help you figure out where you're going and how to get there. 

A great place to start? The Taking Initiative course (InterLS 210).

*J.R.R. Tolkien

“This course offered me a great perspective on my future and directly related to me. Loved this course and would highly recommend to everyone.”

Interested in developing an "elevator speech" for when you meet employers for the first time? Eager to focus your (many!) interests? Looking for advice from working alumni? Taking Initiative(InterLS 210) is the one-credit course for you. Open to second-year students interested in identifying their unique strengths as liberal arts students, you will enjoy small group sections, work with alumni mentors, and nail down the basics of career prep. 

InterLS 210: Taking Initiative

Eat, Sleep, Talk Careers

Ready for something deeper? Career Kickstart, an immersive career prep community, located in Ogg Hall, opened in Fall 2015 for non-freshmen. Skill-building workshops, networking with alumni and internship prep are just a few of the perks.

New! Career Residence Hall

Take a chance. Take a risk. Try something different.

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All About Internships

Employers say that internships are #1 on their list when considering recent grads for hire. The L&S Career Initiative is designed to help our students land these opportunities. Three things to know, below.

Badger Internships


Beyond grades, beyond majors — employers look most favorably on internships when considering recent grads for employment. Students who seek and secure internships demonstrate initiative, drive and a desire to learn. 

Most important, students gain real-world experience and perspective — something employers consider invaluable. L&S is committed to increasing internship opportunities for all students.

Badger Internships

Internship for Credit


You've secured an internship — but what about getting college credit for it? InterLS 260: Internship for Credit helps you do that.

Here's all you have to do: Secure an internship for the next academic term. Completely fill out & sign the "Course Registration & Internship Contract." Submit a position description using the "Internship Position Description & Supervision Form." You're set! 

Questions? Email lsinternships@saa.ls.wisc.edu

Intership for Credit course

Career-ready grant


See if you qualify for a career-ready grant to support your internship. UW received a grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp. to assist students with financial need. Not everyone can afford to take an unpaid internship (such as one offered by a nonprofit), but sometimes those opportunities can be very interesting. Grant funds are available to those who qualify.

"UW-Madison is contributing to the diversification of Wisconsin's workforce," says Jen Schoepke, a director for the Center for Academic Excellence

Career-ready assistance
Students say

It's no coincidence I was able to “lock down” two job offers after taking InterLS 260: Internships for Credit, and I've since recommended it to several peers.

InterLS 260: Internships for Credit

Badger to Badger: Steps That Matter

L&S alumni are eager to mentor and guide. Take advantage of their wisdom! Start by watching these alumni video interviews. Here, Maggie Brickerman (B.A. '08, Political Science), talks about the keys to a succesful start-up. 

Watch the full series here

Badger Bridge

Announcing a new online networking tool that works like LinkedIn - but it's all Badgers! Students, you can connect with alumni in fields that interest you, ask advice, make plans for interviews, job shadows and more. 

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, it's easy to import it into Badger Bridge. Connect from your computer. What could be easier? What are you waiting for?

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