Fast Facts: An Overview of the College of Letters & Science at UW-Madison


John Karl Scholz



  • Total students: 19,808 (2017-18)
  • 15,618 undergraduates (2017-18)
  • 4,190 graduate students (2017-18)

Credit Hours

  • 613,057 Total Hours (2016-17)

Academic Offerings

The College of Letters & Science is comprised of more than 34 academic departments, 13 non-academic departments, 73 interdisciplinary research centers and institutes, and five professional schools across three broad divisions: arts and humanities, physical and natural sciences, and the social sciences

Popular Majors

Four out of five of UW Madison's most popular majors are in L&S (2016-17).

*Students majoring in Biology may choose which college in which they wish to complete their requirements: the College of Letters & Science or the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, since the Biology major is offered jointly with CALS. Majoring in Biology through L&S ensures that you also complete liberal arts requirements that will enrich your learning for a lifetime.

Total Degrees Conferred

  • 3,215 undergraduate degrees (2016-17)
  • 1,362 graduate and professional degrees (2016-17)
  • 4,577 total degrees (2016-17)


More than 198,000 alumni and friends

Research Funding

Extramural Research Awards: $108.9 million (2016-17)
Federal Research Awards: $82.4 million (2016-17)
Total Research Expenditures: $129.1 million (2016-17)

Source: UW-Madison Data Digest