The Heart of UW

In 1849, UW-Madison opened its doors to the people of Wisconsin. There were 17 students and six departments. Today, our university includes 21 schools and colleges. The largest is the College of Letters & Science. It’s often said that L&S provides the well-rounded education that the university’s founders first envisioned. Read a brief history here.

People, Scholarship, Community

This college is all about great people. L&S faculty and staff share knowledge in the classroom, the lab, the field and throughout our communities.

Why choose L&S? Because we offer an unparalleled Wisconsin Experience. There are many opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom.

Students can graduate from L&S with experience in: global travel, service learning, writing for publication, leadership and government, social justice and — perhaps most important — networking and career preparation.

About Dean Scholz

Plato said it first

The term "liberal arts" harks back to the philosopher Plato, who outlined several "artes" considered essential for a free-thinking person. Today, the liberal arts offers a breadth and depth of instruction "worthy of a free person," the Latin definition of the word "liberal."

SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science

You've heard it before: what can you possibly do with a liberal arts major? The answer: anything. Our job is to help you learn to articulate your skills and interests and define your career path. SuccessWorks is our brand-new, state-of-the-art career center, where you can meet with an advisor, network with alumni, discover fields that interest you, and so much more.